Ok well its been a while since the last update. Again, its due to my computer popping another power cord. Not quite sure what the deal is but its becoming a royal pain to be without my computer for weeks on end. Anyways everything is peachy over here in the Far East and I hope all in equally well out West. I miss you all and promise to update more often assuming I have a working computer.

With that being said, a few weeks ago was the Korean national holiday, Teacher’s Day! I still had to go to work but I got really nice presents all day. It seems that the national “gift” here is a pair of ankle socks. I must have gotten at least 5 pairs of them that day. I also got a nice collard shirt, flowers, cards, a whole lot of coffee, and other odds and ends.

This is my student Matthew in my Level 2 class. I forgot what he was laughing at but he gave me a really spiffy pair of K-Swiss socks!
PhotobucketThis is classical Korenglish writing. You see it everywhere in Korea. I once saw an advertisement for a plastic surgeon that read, “Small face, lovely breasts.” I have no idea what thats supposed to mean.

PhotobucketHere is the other side of the card 🙂PhotobucketAnother card:

PhotobucketPhotobucketThat same day we had a field trip to a local art museum. I think it was supposed to be a children’s art museum but a lot of the stuff does not look to kid friendly.


( I Cant get the rest of these old pictures to load, see myspace)


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