Computers Suck: May 17, 2009 – Sunday

Hi all, sorry for the slow updates but my computer has been a bit under the weather as of late. Actually is a very long story that boils down  to the computer power cable needing replacing and it taking two weeks to get the part I needed from a guy in China…. Feel free to imagine whatever details you want. I actually wrote the whole thing out but then I pressed the wrong button and deleted my entire post 😦


Anyways, I am now the proud owner of Internet, a cell phone, a working computer, and *drum roll* a Surly Long Haul Trucker!



Isnt she pretty? This is a shakedown ride the day after I got her all put together. This is near Hayundai beach. Behind me is the interchange for the longest bridge in all of Asia actually.


This is a little model city of what Gimhae used to look like 500 years ago or so. Its a couple minutes from my house..


Here are some picture from my ride to Hayundai Beach, about 40  miles I think. Not really sure I dont have  a proper bike computer yet.







I feel pretty spoiled over here as there is a lot of bicycle infrastructure. Its not always that well thought out but it does exist. Anyways this post was much longer but I dont feel like rewriting it all again.


Should be a lot of updates come up real fast because I have been on a lot of adventures as of late


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