Field Trip to Outback… and other adventures. April 24, 2009 – Friday

There has been a post on school schedule for a few weeks now that read “Field Trip: Outback.” I had assumed that we were going to some sort of outback adventures type out doorsy place to shop the kids how to climb trees or some other such thing. Jessica suggested that it may mean we were going to take all the children outback to beat the English into them… she had a hard week! As it turns out, the field trip was to none other than…. Outback Steakhouse. Weird. The kids seemed to like it. We got a free tour of the facilities that looked identical to every restaurant I have ever worked at. However, at the end we got free food, also identical to the Outbacks in the states except for the addition of Kimchi! I was happy enough to be out of the classroom for part of the day.


This was an outing with some of the other westerners to a place called “Elephant Bar.” Its called an “Ethnic food restaurant. I guess they just couldnt pick one style so they have one place for all of them. They place was pretty neat. All the tables are the sit down and cross your legs style. In the middle of the joint was a pig lilly pond. The food was amazing and the drinks were cheap, I was happy.



This was an unexpected surprise, which happens a lot since we dont read Korean menus too well. Melted chocolate on a pizza! Tasted a lot better than it looks but it was damn yummy!


Im in the back on the right.



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