Hodong Camping Trip: June 18, 2009 – Thursday


Last weekend a number of us decided to go camping in Hodong, about 2 hours west of Gimhae. Hodong is near where the Green Tea Festival was and so we noticed how pretty it was when we drove through it on the way there. Most of the 10 or so people that went took their motor bikes but I managed to convince my friend Chelsea to take the human bikes. We did take one bus to get a out of Gimhae and past the neighboring city of Changwon which would have taken forever to cycle through. Ugly city streets and lots of traffic, SKIP! The ride was about 3 1/2 hours to cover 50 km or so which I think is about 30 miles.


Getting read to leave after the bus ride.


Rice patties but its the weekend so no farmers.
PhotobucketChelsea is a trooper. After about the halfway point to the campsite she told me that her rear derailer was broken so she only had one gear, HIGH! I have so much respect for her pumping up some of the rugged hills we had to climb! If she had a proper bicycle she could have done some serious distance!

PhotobucketThe motorcycle people picked a spot on the river that was on the OPPOSITE side that they had told us to go to. The nearest bridge was at least another 10km away so we just decided to ford the river with our bikes over our heads like a couple of Sherpas. Again, we got laughed at by a munch of Koreas doing some fishing but I think the motorcycle people we a bit jealous because they would have had to ride all the way around.


Here is the camp site next to some shade on the river bed.

PhotobucketAnd then we made it home safe and sound. I should have taken more pictures because it was an amazing trip but there were a lot of cameras floating around so I didnt. Ill try and get some of the other peoples pictures to post for ya’ll.



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