Pay Day!!!! April 14, 2009 – Tuesday

Have you ever wondered what 3 Million Korean Won would look like spread out all over my bed?
Since I dont have my alien card yet I can not get a bank account which means I get pain in cash! This is a slightly bigger paycheck than normal since its for a month and 10 days instead of just a month. I guess even the banks dont give out noted bigger than 10,000 won!
Before you ask, YES, I did roll in it!
Im headed to Seoul this weekend to blow as much of this as humanly possible on a bicycle so I can stop feeling lazy. The weather is finally starting to get better since this is the “yellow dust” season. In the spring the wind shifts west and all the yellow sand from the Gobi desert combines with a whole lot of the pollution around the industrialized parts of China and it mostly lands on Korea. Japan gets hit by it too but not really as bad. Anyways suffice it to say that I have been a little sick on and off but its starting to clear up. More on all that later.


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