Some meals that I have had…. March 13, 2009 – Friday

Here are some Korean meals that I eat out while I happen to have a camera on me. Koreans love side dishes!!! You will never leave a meal hungry because the side dishes are all you can eat, and come with every meal. A lot of meals come out raw and you cook them yourself on the gas stove in the center of the table. I even had a sort of spicy squid spaghetti/stew that was served this way. Even when dining out beer and soju are cheap. A 24oz Hite beer cost about 2,500 to 3,000 wan or about $3.00 US. Tipping is considered rude due to Korean work ethics. If you tip its because you think the waiter is very poor and needs your money, dont tip! The lunches at school are pretty bland because they are for little kids with weak pallets. Im getting pretty bored with them already, even though they are free, I like to go out and eat lunch sometimes.

FYI Spicy Korean food that is spicy on the way in…. is spicy on the way out! I will spare you all the details but lets just say that I have been eating Peptobismo tablets like they were tic tacs!

Spicy Tofu at a place just below where I live!

School lunch at Kid’s College. Free


Spicy pork and beef BBQ. 7,000 wan = $6.25

Beef BBQ still cooking at the table. 5,000 wan = $4.50

This is “korean chinese” food…. Looks nothing like Chinese food from the states. Maybe this is what Chinese food i supposed to look like? There are rice noodles under the black bean sauce. 3,500 Wan =$3.00

Korean version of the Vietnamese Pho. 3,000 Wan = $2.50

Me eating lunch with the kids!

These used to gross me out a little but now they are one of my favorite side dishes, fried anchovies!


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