Street Food! March 31, 2009 – Tuesday

These are some pictures of some food stalls that I have encounterd. There are always one or two things that everyone carries but most food stalls have a few unique dishes. I have been trying to get more pics of these things but a lot of the workers there are camera shy and I feel rude whipping it out. Most of the dishes cost about 500 wan (40 cents ish)
I still think that that dumpling places in one of my last post is my favorite. So CHEAP!
Seafood outside of restaurants. Tropical fish?
This is the most crabs I have ever seen in one place, Mill was impressed too!
This is right near my house and freaks me out! What the hell are those things supposed to be anyways? Little leaches or sea cucumbers?
This was the largest crab I had ever seen in my life until last week when this same restaurant got an even bigger one in! Jesus the body of the crab alone is way bigger than my head!
Its funny that just 4 weeks ago I paid $28 bucks to sea a lot of these things behind glass at an aquarium and now I can pay about a buck or two and buy them, eat them or just keep them as a pet if I want in my sink! Things I have also seen are squid, octopus, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I couldn’t name if my life depended on it!


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