Geoje Island Trip #4

My buddy Kyle and I decided to tackle the steep cliffs of Geoje island in late October. The weather was still fairly hot at the time but a the time of writing its just slightly below freezing outside of my apartment.

This was Kyle’s first “Bike Tour” and while his legs certainly seemed up the task his bike was a somewhat unwilling companion. Nothing broke or anything quite that extreme but the all aluminum road bike was in desperate need of a few low gears for Goeje’s steep and frequent climbs. I played pack mule carrying all of the camping equipment and cooking supplies because Kyle’s bike lacked even the most basic bicycle rack mounting points. His clamp on rear rack was swaying back and forth under its relatively light load.

My bike and I did just fine though somewhat slower to climb than usual carrying equipment for two. We camped on what we thought would be a nice quite beach and proceeded to cook and drink ourselves to sleep. However, about 30 seconds after we climbed into our tents a stack of Koreans about 200 thick descended on our previously quiet, deserted beach. Apparently there was a festival that was to take place that night that neither Kyle or I had been aware of. Of course it had to have been the Korean Fireworks Festival, I mean we were tired and trying to sleep right? Needless to say that we did not sleep quite as soundly as would have been beneficial considering the serious millage that we had put in the day before. For me it was not so much the noise but the constant fear that one of the drunk old men stumbling around with lit roman candles was going to set flame to my tent!

All was well in the end though and we eventually fell asleep after joining the festivities for a brief spat. Apparently our little known beach is quite popular during this particular festival because it affords a clear view of Gwangali Bay in Busan where the countries largest firework show takes place every year. We were quite far away but we could still feel many of the biggest explosions all the way out on our little island. Quite a sight!



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