Halloween Festivities Near Kyungsang University, Busan

This had to been of the best nights I have had in Korea. The sheer spectacle that we created walking around, riding the subway, and taking taxis in Busan was amazing. While walking around people would just stop and openly stare. Every once in a while some of the younger people would yell out “Oh! Halloween” in a terrible approximation of an American accent.  While at dinner, about four blocks from the party area in Kyungsang we had dinner and got our pictures taken by just about every person on the restaurants staff with their high-tech cell phones.

Once we actually got to the bar area there were foreigners everywhere, some with really great costumes considering the complete lack of supplies for this sort of thing in Korea. I cant count the number of times that I was asked to be photographed with some group of Koreans or another. We were like a side show. I tried to get pictures with anyone who asked for my picture but after the first 5-10 I just wanted to enjoy the celebrity and not worry about photography. I have no idea what that little girl was doing in Kyungsang at 1am by the way or why she wanted my picture. Maybe she was doing a report for school on Western culture? I got the strong impression that a lot of the Koreans that were there came specifically to gawk and the rest were simply out for a night of drinking, not realizing that it was a major holiday for the Westerners!

By the end of the night however, it kinda stopped being fun. It was probably mostly due to my own fatigue from standing around and drinking for the better part of about 7 hours but after about 3 or 4am (I cant recall the exact moment) most of the Koreans had fled the scene and the party took on a vibe that I remember all to well from my college years. Lots of completely drunk men and women in a desperate search to find other drunks to hook up with, lots of fights over trivial bullshit, and just a lot of drama in general. However, I managed to make it all the way back to Gimhae before the sun came up to crash and burn in my soft comfy bed that has become so familiar to me.

Incase you were wondering, Kyle is dressed up like “Fan Death.” I know I already explained it but fan death is a Korean belief that if you fall asleep in front of a fan that is running then you will die. Its really annoying because the cheapest fans you can buy are about $50 for a small because they all have very expensive timers built into them incase you forget to turn it off and kill yourself… ;( I loved Kyle’s interpretation and he even met another fan death while out and about. There is a picture below so you can see that there are several different ways to go with the same concepts!


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