Job Hunting…

So job hunting continues. My last day with my current contract will be up on the 26th of February, a scant four weeks away. I have had several offers but I held out for a really ideal position and it would seem that I got it.

In the end it came down to deciding between moving to Shenyang, China (just north of Beijing) or staying in Korea and moving to Seoul. Either way its high time that I got out of Gimhae. Just not big enough for me for two years is all. The China job was really interesting because it came with free Mandarin lessons, really really good pay (for China), and I would actually be teaching high-school level classes like English Literature, Anthropology, and Economics.

Its fairly easy to find a good position in Korea at the end of February but my problem was that I needed something that would start at the end of March because I had been planning on taking a month or so off to do some backpacking. I got very lucky being invited to interview for a, get this, Librarian position in Seoul. No one I have spoke to has ever heard of anyone being paid to be an English speaking librarian but the job descriptions sounds pretty ideal. I do teach some library classes but only 90 hours a month, much less than my current 120. I was told that I will have to teach some additional classes but anything past 90 hours is bonus pay, even though the teaching hours will only take place during my regular schedule. Pretty sweet gig. Another big bonus is that it is a public school job so the staff are a lot more professional, the monthly pay is guaranteed, and there is about six weeks of vacation a year! A very sought after position indeed. Even my recruiter said not to get my hopes up because there were so many applicants.

I don’t know what I did in the interview but apparently it work and I landed the Librarian position. Both of the jobs sounded great but in the end the logistics of moving to Seoul were just much simpler and I already know how to get around Korea just fine at this point so it was a pretty easy decision.

The position starts a bit later than I would like but I guess that just give me more time in Vietnam and Cambodia. The cost of living down there is pretty cheap so it should not be a problem. I will be back in Korea around the 5-8th of March to do some apartment hunting and start work in the 27th. More pay, more vacation, and less work, I would say next year is going to be a good one! I can’t believe that I am going to be living in the second largest city in the world in a few months. I don’t thing that its really hit me yet. The school is even located RIGHT NEXT TO the Seoul bicycle path that runs along the entire Han river. I can ride the bike to school everyday with out having to fear for my live because of Korean drivers! 🙂

Anyways, just thought I would let everyone in on my plans. I went snowboarding with a big group of people about two weeks ago so I’ll post all of those pictures ASAP.



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