Just Two Weeks Left!

Well its nearly moving time again. I have been enjoying a four day weekend as Korea has been celebrating Seollal, Lunar New Years. A lot of my friends took off for a mini-vacation in Seoul. I did not see the point since I will be living there in just a few months and I just assume same some money for my seven week sojourn to warmer weather in Vietnam. Anyways, I have lots to do around the house. This is easily the smallest apartment I have ever inhabited but somehow I still managed to fill it up with a bunch of possession! I am always amazed at my own ability to fill up empty space and accumulate stuff.

The last few days have been spent going through all of my possessions and weeding out what I don’t need. When I first moved to Korea I brought with me only a suitcase and back pack. Now I am up to two suitcases, a backpack, a bicycle, and a bass guitar! Thats even after I have been sliming down quite a bit.

This posts pictures are another hodgepodge of a number of different outings.

1) Our school field trip to Pizza Hut. I am not sure why there are some many field trips to restaurants but I am guessing that the establishments put them on for free or little cost to try and get the kids addicted to their products as early as possible. I know that McDonald’s in China uses a similar scheme for children’s birthday parties but I am not at all sure why Outback Steakhouse is such a popular destination! Anyways, good pictures of the kids acting cute. There have been a number of days in Korea where I will say to myself, “Didn’t see this coming when I woke up this morning.” One of those moments was when I was getting my picture taken next to the Pizza Hut Cheese Monster thingy. I enjoyed the one a lot.

2)Our school put on a graduation ceremony for the students and parents. By parents I mean mothers since I hardly ever see their fathers make any appearances. Don’t they look cute in their little cap and gowns? I am so proud of them! Except for Ted, I cant stand that kid, though he does try. They have all really learned a lot since their first days here. Most of my kindergartners speak better English than my elementary classes. Then again I do spend a lot more time with the kindys.

3) A few random halloween pictures that I found and realized that I did not post!

4) A rare chance to see some local bands play at The Basement in Busan! The band was called the Carsick Cars and they were from China where they have quite  a following. It was nice to see a really decent band play a live show, something I have been severely missing since leaving the US.

5) Vishaka and I have been doing a lot of hiking over the last few weeks since the weather has warmed up a lot since January. However, last night it was snowing! It is pretty rare that it snows this close to the ocean in Korea but its been a colder than average year over here.

6) Vishaka has also decided to buy my motorcycle. With all of the logistical headaches just trying to get my bicycle, guitar, and luggage up to Seoul without paying through the nose, I decided taking the scooter as well. Besides, I will hardly need it in Seoul with all the bicycle paths and subway lines. Still, I will miss riding the beast. It was great fun over the summer and the countless trips its been on with me camping, and cruising the coastline. She may not look too pretty but I guess its all in the eye of the beholder. I paid 300,000 won ($250) for the scooter nine months ago and sold it for the same. A good deal for both of us I feel!

Happy Seollal everyone and Happy Valentines Day!



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4 responses to “Just Two Weeks Left!

  1. Great post, great pictures. Your kids are very cute, and it does sound like you got a great deal w/your motorcycle. And isn’t it great when your day never goes as planned, and you get little surprises along the way? I stopped making plans because something unexpected always comes up and makes the day so much better 🙂

  2. Shelly

    We miss you! Have a great time and make sure you post tons of pics when you get done traveling. You know we are vicariously living through you!

  3. One Guess

    Where in the world are you Eddie G?????

  4. One Guess

    Where in the world are you now??? Eglayzer????

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