Quick Update III

I have been trying to get some pictures up online but the internet speeds in Vietnam have just not been up to the task. I doubt that the situation will improve much when I enter Cambodia next week but I may get lucky in the massive city of Ho Chi Min, formerly Saigon.

Until then, I just got back to my hotel after exploring the thousand year old ruins of My Son, just inland from Han Noi where I am living. Tomorrow we take another over-night sleeper bus to Nha Trang where we will spend several days drinking $0.25 beers and playing on the beach. After the hustle and bustle of Hanoi and Hue we are eager to finally find a sandy beach. That might have happend sooner had the weather coperated with us a bit more. We spent several gloomy days sleeping on a Chinese Junk in Ha Long Bay waiting for the sun to come out.

Everything is going well and Andrew has been having a lot of fun. His trip is just about halfway over but I still have another month or so after he returns home to diddle-daddle around. I am thinking I will spend some time near the Mekong River Delta in the south before entering Cambodia. After that I am torn between going further north into Laos or heading west into Thailand and Bangkok. Does’nt matter, thats all a long ways off from today.

I just had a nice pair of trekking pants hand-made for me by a very able Vientnamese tailor here in Ha Noi for about $8. If anyone would like a custom fitted wool suit or cocktail dress for about $40 just send me your measurements. Apparently, Ha Noi is famouse for their tailors and their custom clothes.

Thats it for now, pictures still to come (I promise)!



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  1. One Guess

    Happy to hear you are enjoying yourself. Can’t wait to see pictures!! Take Care.

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