Back In Bangkok

I made it through Cambodia safe and sound. After braving the mine fields in Anlong Veng and visiting Pol Pot’s remote jungle hide-out I finally crossed into Thailand and hightailed it to Bangkok. I needed to come back here a bit early because there maybe a small issure with my Korean work visa so I will be making a visit to the Korean embassy in the morning.

Great news though, I managed to secure one of the last train tickets to Chiang Mai to celebrate the Thai New Year! Apparently the culmination of the event is a huge city wide water-gun fight! I should have brought a Super Soaker… I need to go market hunting for a good weapon.

I went to see the huge “Red Shirt” protests at the city center today. From what I could tell everything seemed very safe and well oredered despite all of the doom and gloom travel warning from the US State Department. Its actually a great time to visit because its the low season and the protesters are keeping the rest of the tourists away.

I only have about 5 minutes of net time left so I must take my leave. Be safe and have fun in whatever you all are up to!



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2 responses to “Back In Bangkok

  1. Just me

    Glad to hear from you. Happy Easter although I suppose it was yesterday there! Hope the issue with your visa is very minor. Let me know if there is anything you need done from this side of the “pond”. We are working today as Easter is not considered a “holiday” is this organization…. Hope to talk soon!

  2. Awesome! It sounds like you’re having fun and I’m jealous! Keep at it… I hope the issue with your visa turns out to be a non-issue.. or at least one that’s easily solved. Take care!

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