Still in Bangkok…

The Korean Embassy has been dragging their feet the entire time I have been here I was just told I will have to wait another day for work visa to be finished. I guess its not all bad. I mean Bangkok is certainly a nice place to sit around for a while. However, the Thai beaches are calling my name and I can’t believe that I am flying back home to Korea in just ten more days! I wonder what my place will be like?

Last night I went to a Mui Thai kick boxing match. Mui Thai is like kick boxing in the states except that your allowed to use any part of your bodies, excepet your head, to punish your opponent. There were eleven fight with two main events. The first main event was great but only lasted three rounds. The challenger, who was also clearly winning the fight, got a deep gash above his eye from a flying elbow and the ref had to call the fight. Too bad but great fun to watch. Most of the fighters were under 110 pounds and as quick as crickets!

Not too sure what I am up to tonight, maybe Patpong? I could go see the Royal Palace but the entry fee is way over prices and I think the Thai government has gotten plenty of money out of me as it is! Tomorrow I am headed for Krabi and from there one of the hundreds of islands off the the Thai coast. I’ll make sure to get some extra sun for everyone not here with me!



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2 responses to “Still in Bangkok…

  1. Just me

    Did you get your work visa straightened out?? Enjoying time in the sun on a beach yet? When do you have to be at work?

    • Work Visa is all straight with no problems. My time at the beach was great but I am soooo sun burnt I am was not all that sad to leave. I am not starting work until the 27th of April but I just got a message from my recruiter that said I should be back in Korea by the 19th for some training.

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