Back in Bangkok… Again!

My flight home looms over me and everything I do. My time left here is limited. While I should be going all out and exploring as much as I can with what time I do have left I find myself just wanting to take it easy and relax.

I am back in Bangkok for the third time of this trip. To greet me are huge mobs of protesters swarming around the capital building and Old Town. Apparently there was an incident a few days ago, while I was sunning on Ko Phi Phi, that involved several dead protesters and a whole heap of others injured. I guess I’ll have to keep on my toes but it seems that the government has things back under control and have made several concessions to the Red Shirts in order to appease them.

I spent the last four or five days cooking myself to a crisp on Krabi, Ko Lanta, and Ko Phi Phi with some new friends I met. I had originally been planning to skip the coastline all together because of the expense but they talked me into it. It was great to see the beaches of course, as beautiful as they were, but I did not like being completely surrounded by tourists without a local as far as the eye could see. Maybe just one or two trying to sell us overprices postcards or souvenirs. It was very nice to have some English speaking company again though!

I was not supposed to start work until the 27th of April but I guess my school must have found out that I was returning to Korea a little early and jumped at the thought of me standing around idle. I have been asked to get over to my school on the 19th for some training, which is fine but if they wanted me to train they should have told me much more in advance so I could have actually given myself some time to relax. I fly into Seoul on the 18th, after all! All the more reason to try and take it easy here I guess. My school is also still dragging their feet a bit looking for a place for me to stay. I guess though that if they want to me start early then they will have to find something last minute. Seems like everything in Korea is pretty much conducted last minute… at least in the world of teaching English!

That is it for now. I’ll try and steer clear of any Red Shirts I happen upon as I lounge around and wander aimlessly from one Thai Massage to another but I think it will again be a non-issue. I can’t wait to get home to Korea!



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2 responses to “Back in Bangkok… Again!

  1. Just me

    Enjoy your last days of freedom from work! Have a safe flight. We look forward to pictures as time allows!

  2. Just me

    Are you back in Seoul yet? How’s your new place?

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