At Home In Seoul

Hi all,

Sorry for the long delay but as you can imagine its been quite hectic. I am in Seoul with my new apartment all setup! The head teacher drove me around to several different apartments that I got to choose from. Ultimately I choose a very small, older, first-floor studio near two Universities. There were some bigger newer places in less ideal locations but I really like having access to all the cheap resaurants and entertainment that tends to sprout up around universities. Also, I am just a few blocks away from the famous Han River Bike Path that stretches all the way around Seoul! I can’t wait for this weekend when I can take an extended ride around the city! I do not know my address yet but I live very near to Hoegi Station on subway station line 1.

The job is great so far. My responsibilities are few and my supervision also somewhat limited. The English library at my school, Eunsuk Elementary, is small, quite, and separate from the larger main library. I work with some nice people as well which is also a plus. However, there seems to be little if any interaction outside of work between the domestic and foreign staff members. Quite a shame too considering the size of the school. I guess I’ll have to start working on a remedy for that!

I just got an internet connection at home a few days ago and have already begun the process of organizing the 2,000 or so pictures I took on my trip abroad. I’ll start getting some of those up in the very near future. For now I just wanted to let everyone know that I was home safe and sound.

More to come,


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  1. Just Me

    Glad to see you are home and settled.l Stopped by earlier but my ‘puter wouldn’t let me leave a message… Will be on to pictures a little later. Can’t wait to catch up… any of the new place? Love ya!

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