February 28th, 2010

Sorry again for the long delay between posts. I have been busy as of late with Children’s Day, a national Korean holiday, and doing a lot of errands to get my documents in order for my alien registration card. It still feels really weird to be writing about events, as cool as they were at the time, that took place almost two months ago! I need to get cracking so that I can start telling you all about the fun stuff thats been happening much more recently.

So anyways, back in late February the story picks back up with Patrice and I waking up early to go explore the Hiroshima Peace Park, just a few hundred feet from Ground Zero and the A-Bomb Dome. Of course they don’t allow pictures to be taken inside the museum, which was not quite as gruesome as I had anticipated, but I did manage to take this one of a mans watch that stopped when he was it the the initial blast.

Here are some pictures of the park outside of the museum.

After being completely museumed-out for the day we caught a trolly car to the coast and took a ferry to a small island off the coast of Japan called Miyajima. The ferry took all of about 15 minutes.

The island, as we quickly discovered after disembarking, was heavily populated by some extremely trusting deer.

The base of the island near the docks was entirely covered with tourist shops and surprisingly good food stalls. We did manage to get away from some of the throngs, since it was not tourist season, by ducking through some quieter back allies where the residents of the island actually seemed to live. We even scored by finding a beer vending machine, my first ever!

Past the tourists shops there was an old coastal temple. After hiking up the interior a ways we came to another temple. I think the whole island is a temple!

The temples were nice places to wonder around and relax but for whatever reason we were overcome by the desire to hike to the top of the mountain. We underestimated the amount of sunlight we had left but ended up making it up and down ok all the same.

This was my reward for navigating us to the top of the island successfully. Of course I am talking about the view!

This was a creepy abandoned look out place for tourists. It did not look like anyone had used it in over a decade and was mostly boarded up. Looking through the windows you could make out old tables and chairs that would have made this a little cafe for hikers with instant noodle packets.

The view out into Hiroshima Bay. The pictures hardly do it justice!

After a hasty decent in what little daylight we had left we quickly made out way back to downtown for some much deserved sushi and saki!


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