March 1st-2nd

After the long day of hiking yesterday we had a hard time getting up as early as we did. However, we really wanted to see the Hiroshima Castle before we left Japan and headed back to good ol’ Korea.

After the castle we hopped a bullet train and a then another hydrofoil ferry. This time the trip was very bumpy with the ship taking hard impacts and rocking from side to side as if it wanted to tip over. I got fairly sea sick but Patrice remained vigilant and took car of me for the trip.

Back in Korea we quickly hopped an express bus to Gyeongju and snatched up a “love motel.” In the morning we made another early start to go check out the local tombs that are almost 1,500 years old. I have been to Gyeongju before and it is essentially an open air museum. It used to be the capitol of the Shilla Empire during the Three Kingdomes period. Gimhae, by the way, was the capitol of Gaya. It was Shilla however, who ultimately dominated and united the Korean peninsula for the first time.

A Shilla King’s crown.

We tomb hopped for all morning and then decided to go for another hike up to one of the largest temples in Korea, also one of the oldest survivors too.


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