Last Days in Korea, March 3rd-4th

The weather finally decided to cooperate with my vacation plans so Patrice and I enjoyed some shopping at Dongdeamun, Korea’s largest market complex. It was also a bit of preemptive exploration for me since the market is very close to where I will be living in Seoul. This is one of the original Seoul City Gates that marks the beginning of the market. I think the gate has been around since the the time of christ give or take a few hundred years.

After a day spent shopping we were pooped but decided to climb Namsan North Tower. I have climbed it before solo but never at night. It was the Patrice’s idea to have a fancy dinner at the top. It was hard to think that I wouldn’t be back here for over two months and that I would not be seeing Patrice again for even longer. A lovely hike, a lovely dinner, and a lovely lady, what more could I ask for right?

Sadly, the next day was taken up by me having to run some errands. I had chipped a tooth in Busan and needed to get it filled before heading to Vietnam because I had no idea what the dentists there were like. I also had some back issues to work out before I fled the country which, like always, took up way more time than necessary. However, we did have a nice night out in Insadong, the fancy downtown area of Seoul, and went to bed.

I left the next morning, very early, and said good by to Patrice through the blur and haze of my reeling brain. It seems that Patrice and I always have to say goodbye under these strange condition. The last time was when I left Sacramento to move to Korea! A strange mixture of excitement for the next destination and sadness for the loss of my travel companion. Eight hours later I was haggling with a customs official about the price of my Visa stamp at the Hanoi airport in Vietnam. Such is life.


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