Hoi An: Tourist Trap Central

I’ll say upfront that Hoi An was not my favorite city in Vietnam. However, I should not be overly harsh. The streets were beautiful, the shops quaint, and the beach immaculate. That was just the problem though, it was nothing like the rest of Vietnam! In-fact, with all the tourists lumbering along buying any little trinkets they could get their hands on, I believe the locals were far outnumbered.

It may not have even been that bad if I were not being yelled at from all corners with “BUY SOMETHING?!?” I guess in retrospect its kind of funny. Even at the time I remember thinking that you can hardly blame them for trying to make some sales. It sure was annoying a the. In short I guess I didn’t like the place because I was uncomfortable feeling like a tourist, which I was, so I should probably just get used to it in the future.

Andrew loved this place. I think recall him telling me later that it was his favorite city. Its easy to see why, just not my cup-a tea I guess.

By the way, I have no idea why cats in SE Asia are so attracted to me. Maybe its the other way around? I have been without a pet for so long, there are not too many pets in Korea, that I think I would just try and play with any animal that approached me. Maybe cats can just smell an animal lover? Anyways this is my disclaimer and explanation of all other random pictures of me with cats in the future of this blog.

Hoi An is famous for its density of excellent and cheap hand made clothing. There must have been hundreds of tailor shops. Andrew and I briefly thought about having some suits tailored for us. A modern all wool suit can be had for as little as $40 custom made! However, my journey had only begun and I hardly wanted to drag an entire wool suit around Cambodia and Thailand! Instead I had a nice pair of trekking pants and shirt made for me at the cost of about $20 dollars for the par. They turned out real nice!


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  1. mike

    I completely agree with you. I thought Hoi An was going to be a great experience but it ended up being a huge waste of time and money. Hoi An is not Vietnam. It is a theme park created for tourist to enjoy what they think is Vietnam. When everyone speaks English including the street venders that is a huge red flag.

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