My Son Ruins and Hoi An Beaches

On our second (or was it the third?) day in Hoi An we took a river ferry about 35k to see My Son, the oldest Cham Dynasty ruins in Vietnam. This was one one of our first REALLY hot days in SE Asia and would certainly not be our last. There is really not too much to say other than check out the awesome pictures. Pretty amazing stuff considering the time period and a testament to pre-colonial Siamese society.

After leaving the ruins, about three hours later, our river ferry dropped us off at the local boat building dock and “folk village.” Tourist rides such as ferries and express busses are notorious for doing this to you. One of the ways that they offer such cheap rates is that they stop off at these little villages where there is nothing to do but wander in and out of the shops that sell decorated chopsticks, T-shirts with the Vietnamese flag on it, jewelry boxes, and other useless stuff. I am guess the villages pay royalties to the bus companies while the tourists themselves have to endure a four hour trip for what should have taken two.

By the time we made it back to our hostel in Hoi An we were far and away ready for the beach. Rented a set of bikes for less than a dollar a piece and followed the river to the ocean. Wow. Makes me miss San Diego. Though, even SD has only one or two beaches this pristine. I have had to make due with the likes of Hayundai Beach in Busan or a few of the hidden beaches on Geoje Island for the last year. This was amazing and easily the best part about Hoi An.

We even had lunch right there on the beach. Andrew had crab, which looked mighty tasty I might add, while I decided on a yummy chow mien.

Since we were the only customers on that day I managed to get our waitress to take a break and help us eat our shrimp flavored Pringles. She then got all of her friends to come over and shared their… little boiled snail things with us. They actually tasted really good with a little salt but they took some practice to remove the shell.

We hopped another sleeper bus that night for a ten hour ride to Nha Trang. On board we bumped into an Aussie couple we had met on our last sleeper bus from Halong Bay to Hue and again on the beach in Hoi An. We would continue to see these guys all over Vietnam for the rest of our trip. What an awesome way to spend a honey moon by the way, right?!?


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