A Tour Of My Home In Seoul

Everyone has been sending me emails about wanting to see what my new place looks like in Seoul. I guess all the recent pictures of white sandy beaches, thousand year old ruins, and Vietnamese markets places have just not been good enough for my readers. You are a demanding bunch ain’t you?

As I have said in past post, my new place is a bit bigger than the old one in Gimhae but much older. I am living in one of the oldest parts of Seoul that is left. The wave of redevelopment that has been radiating out of the downtown ever since the Olympics in 1988 has not quite reach Hoegi Station yet. Which is fine by me because it keeps the rent down and retains a lot of traditional charm. However, what it also retains is a little bit gritty and raw. Just two subway stops away and I would be surrounded by glitzy buildings, fancy high rises, and mega-shopping malls. Pass! As of right now I am still enjoying my areas shabbiness and can visit the fancier parts of Seoul at ease.

Another big improvement with the new place, other than its location in Seoul rather than B-Fing Gimhae, is that the kitchen is actually big enough to cook something in! In Gimhae the kitchen didn’t even have a countertop to chop vegetables on. All I had was a tiny sink with a two stove burner. Now I actually have a small counter top and a decent sink for washing dishes. I just bought a Korean style, folding floor-dinning table and cushions to sit on. Should work out nicely but not in here because it hasn’t been delivered yet.

Here is a quick video tour of my dorm…. I mean, apartment!

Since I just bought a new, used camera this made for a good excuse to take some test shots of the neighborhood while I was at it.


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