Next Stop, Mui Ne

We only stayed in Mui Ne for a two days and one night though we could have easily stayed longer. Mui Ne’s tourist industry is still in its infancy so, though the coast line is completely covered by resorts both large and small, the rest of the land behind the beach strip is completely empty.

Sadly we were also witness to several huge developments projects right on the beach for huge, multi story condominium vacation homes for the wealthy. Its very sad that the Vietnamese people seem to be too poor to enjoy their countries most beautiful natural resources.

Out hotel in Mui Ne was the most expensive of the entire trip at $20 a night for the two of us. Still not too shabby for the luxury of being able to open your bedroom door and step out onto white sand. We briefly considered taking windsurfing lessons as it seemed to be the thing to do here but the extreme currents that day made us think better of it. I attempted to get Andrew to rent a motor cycling with me but since he had never ridden before, and we had met several other foreigners who had done the same and were currently in bandages, we decided against that too. In the end we simply decided to share the comfy hammock hanging near our bedrooms, read our books, and have a drink. I am a big fan of the simple pleasures.

On the bus into Mui Ne I was surprised to see sand dunes and an arid landscape spear out in front of me. It looked a lot like Southern California! I guess its a side of Vietnam that I never expected and that gets little mention in the guide books. Very pretty though it certainly was starting to get hot!

Tomorrow, Ho Chi Mihn City!


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