Can Tho and the Mekong Delta

Can Tho is a famous jumping off point to visit several of the largest floating markets in Vietnam. This is exactly what I did but I had actually intended to skip a lot of the Mekong Delta in favor of having more time in Cambodia. That was until I found out that my two good friends from Gimhae (yes, my little town back in Korea) would also be in Can Tho on this very day. Anyone remember Jake and Sarah from Noribang a about a month ago?

The first day we took it pretty easy and just rented some bicycles to explore the city away from the Mekong. We visited our first Khmer style temple and had a nice long chat with the local monk who was actually Thai but visiting because the local temple master had recently died.

I had already been in Can Tho for about half a day when Jake and Sarah finally arrived so I showed them the local market I had found. It was an especially nice market because it was the first I had been in where I was the only tourist. It was fairly out of the way so I guess the hordes of westerners like to stick by the river.

The next morning at 5am we left our hotels to catch a river taxi to the floating markets. It gets to hot during the day to sit on the river and sell fruit in the sun so you must get there early and we had a one hour boat ride ahead of us. Not a bad way to wake up really. The temperature out on the Mekong was cool and except for a sorely missed cup of coffee I was a pretty happy, though drowsy, passenger.

After eating way more fruit than could possibly be healthy for us, most of which names I haven’t the foggiest, our boat captain took us down a much smaller canal to have lunch. Again, she probably took us to one of her relatives restaurants, the prices were somewhat inflated, and it took us ages to get there as it was quite out of the way. This is typical in Vietnam and I have come to accept it. The food was fairly good though and the long boat ride game me plenty of time to catch up with my old friends and see some parts of the Mekong that might not get as much traffic.

Thats it for me in the delta. Tomorrow I head for cambodia via an extremely long boat ride!


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