Break Dancing Competition in Phnom Penh

Thats right, you read it right. I was walking through what I thought was a night market but turned out to be a special event. The apparently annual Nokia Break Dancing Competition. Entrance was free and the night market around the event was cool in-unto itself. Teams of Cambodian break dancers battled it out for over two hours with a half young and hip crowd mix with a bewildered older generation of onlookers.

I met a fellow English teacher (Kiwi) who was working in the capital with his girlfriend who was a volunteer doctor (British). They were friends with two of the MCs who were rapping on stage that night from New York. We all went out for drinks afterwards eventually ended up on top of a boat in the central lake of the city. The lake is actually currently being drained to make room for some of the first high-rise apartment complexes for the wealthy of the city. Did I mention that Cambodia was incredibly corrupt?

The pictures and video are not amazing which is pretty much how I feel about my camera in general. I can’t wait to go on some trips with the new camera! For you we will all just have to deal with what I got though.


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