Its Alive!

Yup I got the Mac fixed! I managed to find someone in Korea who knew how to work on them and had the appropriate spare parts laying around. Its up and running good as new!

Now I am working on my graduate school applications which is taking up all of my free time right now. I promise, as soon as applications are done in mid December I will get working on this blog again. I know, famous last posts right?

I may also be returning to the US for short time in February depending on the success or failure of my applications. If I end up getting accepted somewhere then I will not be back in the States until August or September. If I do not get accepted then I will return to see the family in February during my spring break.

I am not sure where I will decide to work next year if I do not go back to school. China is looking more and more appealing these days but I am just starting to get a handle on my Korean language and would hate to try and develop a new one all over again!


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  1. Hi Eddie, hw are u?Which part of china u r now living? Iwill apply for China exchange student on Thurs, either for me to go Shanghai or Guangzhou,Wana choose Shanghai uni but thy dun hv my major so need to ask prof if i take other class will thy accept the credit.. and Guangzhou uni thy do have hotel major…

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