My name is Eddie Glayzer. I am originally from Sacramento, California in the United States of America. I studied at the University of California at San Diego where I received my bachelors degree in the anthropology with a minor in world history.

I originally create this blog a little over a year ago when I moved from the US to South Korea for work as an English teacher. Trying to keep in contact with all of my old friends and family was just too much work to do on an individual basis. Instead I now keep this blog. However, since then the scope has evolved and I now receive almost as many visitors from family and friends as I do from google searches about life in Korea. Armed with that knowledge I have made an attempt to include information that will also be of interest to the general reader.

I am also an avid cyclist and bicycle tourist. When I cycled across South Korea last summer from Busan to Seoul this website began to receive visitors from all of the world who were interested in bicycle touring and South Korea. If I had kept a similar blog about my bicycle ride across the United States from Canada to Mexico I suspect that the results would have been the same. In the future this site will continue to include detailed bicycle touring specific information about my travels. At the moment I am gearing up to tackle China and possibly India by bicycle.

In many ways I have been grooming this blog to become completely about bicycle touring and traveling. However, I suspect that is still a ways off into the future. For now, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the content. Please, please, please, post comments and suggestions about my site’s layout and content to help me improve it!

Eddie Glayzer


One response to “About

  1. Shelly

    Edward is a road weary and yet optimistically minded warrior of the traveling soul. He uses big words like “endometriosis” and drinks sun-warmed brandy from a snifter. He smokes the finest cheroots and is full of dry and yet thought-provoking humor such as “Want to hear something dirty? A white horse fell in a mud puddle! Guffaw Guffaw”. You should get to know him. He does not smell very bad.

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